We have helped many customers transform their gardens into something they are proud of. Our team are able to work with you to design, ,construct and complete your outdoor space.


We do it all - from building walls, erecting fences, creating the ground surface you need and adding architectural focal points. We even have planting specialists who will work with you to create exactly what you are looking for.


side by side comparison

One of the videos below show our 3D rendered flythrough of the project which we made to show the client what the project would like once completed. The other is a walk around of the fully built project, so you can see just how closely the two compare.


ellastone way
- new golf course estate

We recently completed a great landscaping project in Ellastone Way, Tamworth.


From a basic blank canvas we were able to incorporate everything the client wanted in a contemporary, clean lines, low maintenance garden - perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

planning and design work

For this project we provided the clients with several different design options. This was their final choice. 

ellastone way plan.png

site preparation

Then we prepared the ground (there's always a lot of work at this stage) and cleared it ready for work.


bonehill tamworth
garden redesign

We undertook a full garden redesign in Bonehill Tamworth. Below you can see some images of the finished product and some progress pictures of the journey along the way.

Neptune Construction took on the project of landscaping our garden from initial designs through to completion and we’re delighted. We first met with David O’Connor, Neptune’s MD, who took us through some ideas and suggestions. Most of the creative input came from David who was also able to present it to us as a digital ‘fly through’ so we could actually see how it might look. He worked with us and took the time to think about everything we might need from the space.


Our garden was the last part for us to complete following a house move. We love the house, it’s large and spacious, but the garden was a neglected, featureless blank canvas. David talked us though how we could enjoy zoning the space using different materials such as grass, decking and paving. Our garden now has pathways, different levels and is a place to relax and entertain.


I have to say we didn’t appreciate exactly how much work would be involved. The guys took on a huge job that took them four weeks in total - and they worked hard. They kept us informed and talked to us at the end of each day so we could work together to fine-tune anything that needed some attention.


For the planting we have used a local plant specialist who plans, designs and buys all our plants and shrubs. David’s team will return to plant it all and take on the physical part of that – so they really will have seen the project through to its conclusion.”

Alun Edwards, Appleby Magna