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Do you need a dedicated work space?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

As the trend for working from home continues and such working practices are fast becoming the norm, what can you do to make your work environment exactly what you need? Working from the dining table or your living room sofa no longer cuts it when it comes to creating an ergonomic, professional, effective working space.

So why not consider a conversion, extension or purpose-built office?

We are increasingly talking to people who crave several things from their work environment - namely:

  • a quiet place to concentrate

  • enough room to work, store things, display schedules and be comfortable

  • somewhere to host calls and virtual meetings

  • the ability to control a constant temperature

  • plenty of natural light

  • sometimes - additional luxuries such as a kitchen and the convenience of bathroom facilities

  • sometimes - physical meeting space

We can look at your property and suggest different solutions. We can work out what's possible in terms of space. And then we can put costs against the different options until we reach a combination you're pleased with. Exactly what you need - at the right price.

You could also consider how your new space could fulfil multiple functions. You might be prepared to share your space with a younger member of the family for study purposes. It could double up as extra living space in the evenings or weekends. You might want to add a sports elements such as a pool table or mini gym area, depending on its size. It could even be a guest room as well as an office. What's important is to explore what's possible and which options motivate you to invest in something that ticks lots of boxes, especially if you don't know how long you might work from home longer term.

There are a few factors to consider which we'll manage for you - the potential for planning permission, building regs and other compliances that are straightforward, day-to-day stuff for our team.

One thing is for sure and that is that the future of working from home is here to stay, whether that's 100% of your working day or as a hybrid option of office and home working. Pre-pandemic, worker commute times averaged 60 minutes a day, costing £160 a month - working from home certainly puts a dent in both of those figures!

It's also worth talking to your accountant or financial adviser to check which aspects of your home office are allowable against your tax as there are plenty of ways to offset some your daily bills associated with working from home - so it could prove to be quite a profitable move!

Ask us for more information. We can come and see you, discuss your options and even scope them out so you can see, on-screen, how it would look and feel.

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